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The Beach- and Donut-Loving Weekender: Duck, NC

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Four days in Duck, NC: known for its beaches, sunsets, and of course, donuts.

While my parents and my family prefer to get together for a weekend of hiking and non-stop activities, my husband’s family loves the water and decided to reunite at the beach this summer in Duck, North Carolina. Duck is a beach town within the Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina and can be a 4.5-5.5-hour drive from DC.

Where: Duck, North Carolina

Get there: Again, this can be a 4.5-5.5-hour drive from DC. We left around 7pm on a Wednesday night, hit no traffic, and arrived by 11:30pm even with one stop. Our way home on Sunday was longer because of all the Virginia beach traffic, so that was longer.

Do: Hang out at the beach, see the wild horses in Corolla, have a drink on the water, and maybe even try a water sport

Stay: A beach house rental--ours was called “Beach Won

Collin’s parents and sister arrived in Duck on a Sunday and beat us by a few days. They really enjoyed venturing out to Corolla where they rented a jeep to drive on the beach and see wild horses. They also got out on a nice cruise to a vineyard. Great way to start a vacation.

Once we got to Duck, we of course, spent a lot of time on the beach. Collin’s parents rented a house connected to the public beach path, so it was very easy to go back and forth. (Convenient for food and bathroom trips, too!)

Windy day on the beach

If we ever wanted to mix it up during the day, it was always nice to run or ride bikes into town. One morning we headed to the famous Duck Donuts--and we did not regret it!

This is what happens when you ride a bike holding a box of warm donuts...oops! (Still ate every one)

There are lots of cute places to shop downtown, and if that’s not up your alley, there are also stands where you can sign up to rent kayaks, jet skis, or get involved in other water sports. The Waterfront Shops shopping area also has some nice restaurants and bars to hang out and relax in. We loved our frozen drinks at Coastal Cantina. Across the street, there's the classic Duck Deli, which is a favorite of mine from their expansion into my hometown in PA.

Once it starts getting dark, there are teeny biting flies that come out on the beach, hungry for ankles. We learned quickly to bring bug spray or wrap up our day. At night, we often grilled some of the burgers or seafood people picked up at the grocery store (and by we, I mean my very talented father-in-law!)

One of my favorite nights was when we went out for drinks at The Blue Point. You must go for sunset!

Our last full day was my father-in-law’s birthday. He and his kids played 2v2 football just like they always used to when the kids were all little. The best part was when another set of three kids--two older boys and one little girl, just like our family--asked to join in. As the girl told my sister-in-law, “I woke up in beast mode!!”

You go, girl. Hope you come back with your family to Duck someday, too!

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